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Exchange Programs FAQs

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Exchange Study Abroad Programs.

  1. When will the application open?
    • Applications for Fall/Academic Year open in the beginning of October.  Applications for Spring open in the beginning of April.
  2. Is advising mandatory?
    • No, but it is strongly advised.
  3. How to I schedule an advising appointment?
    • E-mail the appropriate exchange advisor – see the OIE staff page to find out who.
  4. Is the application rolling?  When will I find out if I’ve been accepted?
    • Exchange applications are not rolling – we start reviewing applications after the application deadline (February 1st for Academic Year/Fall, September 1st for Spring).  You will hear back about nomination approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the application deadline.
  5. Should I apply for more than one university? 
    • No, as you would have to pay your deposit to more than one program and it is non-refundable.  It is, however, a good idea to have a backup in mind.  If you cannot be nominated to your first choice, we will reach out to you to see if there is another university you are interested in.
  6. I’m in my last 36 hours – can I go on exchange?
    • Yes, you can!  The 36-hour rule does not apply to GT exchanges.  If you are in your last semester, see an exchange advisor for more information.
  7. Am I allowed to take more than 12 credit hours?
    • In most cases, yes!  There are a couple of exceptions – ask your exchange advisor if you have questions.

Application In-Progress
  1. Is there a submit button on my application?  What happens after I’ve completed all required parts of the application?
    • There is no submit button in Atlas.  After all required documents have been submitted, your exchange advisor will change your application status to, “complete.”
  2. Can I turn in an electronic transcript?
    • Yes! We only accept electronic transcripts. It must be e-mailed to your exchange advisor through the official portal on the registrar's website.
  3. Who should I contact to get courses approved?
    • Refer to the FCA instructions to see the list of approvers.  If you do not have your FCA instructions, contact your exchange advisor.
  4. Are classes abroad pass/fail?
    • No.  You will receive credit for grades that are equivalent to a GT, “C” or above.  The grades will not be calculated in to your GT GPA, however, they will count towards your scholarship (HOPE/ZELL) GPA.  Also, it is fairly regular for graduate schools to want to see the original transcripts with your grades on them.

Application Complete/Nominated
  1. I’ve been nominated, what happens next?
    • Congratulations!  Now you need to fill out an application for your host university.  For instructions on how to do so and more, refer to your Exchange Checklist in Atlas.
  2. When are FCAs due?
    • Your exchange advisors will set a deadline each semester – pay attention to e-mails from them with that information.
  3. Is insurance mandatory and what does it cover?
  4. I’m an international student and I already pay for insurance here on campus.  What happens while I’m abroad?  Do I still have to pay for it?
    • You still have to pay for your US insurance.  Please contact STAMPS for more information.
  5. Do I need separate health insurance apart from the mandatory OIE insurance?
    • It depends.  Some countries require additional insurance.  Ask your exchange advisor for more details.
  6. When I should I book my flight?
    • Not until AFTER you have been formally accepted (not just nominated) by your host university.
  7. Do I need a visa?  Can you help me apply for my visa?
    • In almost all cases, yes.  We are not visa experts at OIE and we expect that you do the research to find out what you need to do in order to get your visa.  However, if you are stuck, please reach out to us. 
  8. All the courses I want to take are listed in OSCAR, do I still need to fill out an FCA? 
    • Yes.  Every student must have a completed FCA on file.
  9. What do I pay to my host university/to GT? 
    • Generally, for traditional exchange, you pay your tuition, fees and mandatory insurance to GT and your housing costs to your host universities.  This is different if you are on direct exchange. 
  10. What about housing?  When will I find out and how do I pay for it?
    • Your host university will provide you information on housing in your host country.  They will have resources to help you find a place to stay.  Many students live on-campus, in which case, they pay for housing to their host university.  It is not uncommon for students to find their own housing either – in which case, they pay just like they would for an apartment here in Atlanta.
  11. I got an internship!  This exempts me from the cancellation fee, right?
    • No, it does not. 
  12. I have on-campus housing at Tech for the semester I am supposed to study abroad.  What do I do? 
    • Your exchange advisor will provide you with a housing form at orientation that will allow you to get out of your on-campus contract. 
  13. Can I register for GT classes as a backup while waiting to hear back from my host university?
    • No, you cannot.  After applying for exchange, you have been switched to a different campus, which will only allow you to register for FS4000. 

While Abroad
  1. Can I get courses approved while I am abroad and how do I do so? 
    • Yes, you can!  Simply e-mail the appropriate approver with the syllabus for the class you would like to take.  Once you have the approval, forward it to your exchange advisor.  If the course is already listed on OSCAR, there is no need for further action.
  2. I took a course that I don’t need/want to transfer back to GT, can I do that?
    • No, all courses MUST be approved and will transfer back to GT.
  3. What is considered a passing grade while I am abroad?
    • The equivalent of a GT “C” or above.  Please the program page for your host university for the exact conversion.
  4. I would like to leave my host university before their regular exam period because I have other plans.  Is this allowed/can I take my exams on campus?
    • No.  It is a requirement of your semester abroad that you stay for the entire length of the term.  OIE does not proctor exams for students.

  1. When will my transcript arrive?
    • Between 1 – 4 months after you have returned from studying abroad.
  2. Why haven’t my grades been posted?
    • There are a couple of reasons why your grades may not have been posted.  First, it may be because your transcript has not arrived.  Second, you could be missing approvals/forms required to process your transcript.  Third, if you have been informed that your transcript has arrived and been taken to the registrar, it can take one to two weeks for your grades to be posted.
  3. Financial Aid has told me that my HOPE/ZELL has been cancelled, what can I do about this?
    • This is likely because your transcript has not arrived yet.  You may have to pay your tuition up front, as you were told about at orientation, and be refunded after your transcript arrives.