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Global Research and Internship Program FAQs

General Questions

What is the Global Research and Internship Program?
At Georgia Tech, students register with the Global Research and Internship Program (GRIP) when they obtain an internship outside of the United States. The GRIP team helps students explore international internship opportunities, tailor their resumes to appeal to global employers, and prepare to work within a new country or culture.

How long should my internship be to register?  
Interns must work at least 14 weeks during a fall or spring semester and at least 10 ten weeks during summer session for full-time audit credit of 12 hours.

Where can I can intern abroad?
Students can intern in any country that does not have a State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4.

When can I intern abroad?
Students can work one or more semesters during the fall, spring or summer.

Do I need to speak a foreign language to intern abroad?
It depends on the company and/or country. While most internships do not require foreign language skills, they are recommended and will help you qualify for more intern/co-op opportunities.

Can I study abroad and then intern abroad?
Yes! We encourage you to study abroad in a country and then complete an internship abroad experience after your study portion.

Can I co-op abroad?
Yes! You can co-op for at least two terms domestically and then have an international co-op that will count toward your co-op designation.

Searching for Global Research or Internship

Will the Global Research and Internship Program/Advisor find a job for me?
The GRIP advisor will offer guidance during your job search and make sure you know how to research job opportunities. However, it is your responsibility to apply and interview for available international positions. The best way to start your search is to set up an advising appointment or attend an information session.

May I apply for international internship/co-op opportunities that I locate on my own?
Yes! However, GRIP must approve the company and intern abroad opportunity in which you are interested. Remember that the job must be related to your major and a full-time position.

What does the hiring process look like for global research/internship?
It can depend on the company. For most positions, you will be asked to submit your resume and cover letter, and the organization will set up a phone or video interview if they are interested in hiring you.

Are there scholarships for global research/internships?
Most students received paid internships abroad; however, there are alternative funding options for global interns. Explore your options here.

Do I apply for an research/internship in ATLAS?
No, ATLAS is used to register a global internship after an offer has been extended.

What salary can I expect?
It depends. Typically employers will pay undergraduate STEM students the cost of living and students must pay for their airfare to their host country. Students in non-STEM fields will likely have fewer paid options. Graduate students sometimes earn additional wages on top of cost of living and airfare.

Preparing for your Global Research or Internship

I’ve received an offer for a Global Internship. Now what?
You will need to complete the ATLAS registration process. Visit this page for instructions. After you finish the ATLAS registration, the GRIP team will issue your permit for the GRIP placeholder and enroll you in mandatory travel/health insurance.

Can I opt out of CISI insurance?
The CISI insurance is a state-mandated insurance policy that all students studying at Georgia institutions must purchase if traveling abroad for any purpose. Insurance for the fall semester or spring semester costs $165 and it costs $125 for the summer term.

I have received an internship offer, but must submit a letter verifying my enrollment at Georgia Tech. How do I obtain this?
You will complete a pre-registration process so that GRIP staff can verify your eligibility before writing a letter on your behalf. Visit this page for instructions.

My employer needs Georgia Tech to sign an official agreement on my behalf. How do I obtain this signature?
Email your agreement to the Global Research and Internship advisor well in advance of your internship start date. All agreements signed by Georgia Tech need to reviewed by GT Legal, which can take multiple weeks of review and revisions.

Will I have to apply for readmission if I intern for two consecutive terms?
No. By registering with the Global Research and Internship Program, you will be issued a permit to register for an audit course that maintains your full-time student status.

Is tuition charged for the GIP placeholder course?
No tuition is required for this course.

Is a grade given for the GIP placeholder course? Will I receive academic credit?
The course is an audited course, and a letter grade is not given. A successful audit results in a designation of V on the transcript, and an unsuccessful audit results in a designation of W on the transcript. Students do not receive academic credit for the course.

How will interning abroad impact my scholarships/financial aid?
You cannot receive financial aid or scholarships while interning abroad. However, existing scholarships are typically not impacted in future terms by interning abroad. Students interning abroad should contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information about individual scholarship situations or to find out how interning abroad may impact other types of financial aid packages. 

How do I obtain a work visa?
You are responsible for obtaining a work visa for your international internship/co-op. You should consult the consulate for the country where you will be interning. Speak with your company and Global Internship Advisor, as well, for advice.

Will my employer locate housing for me?
You are ultimately responsible for making your own living arrangements. Some employers arrange housing for you while other employers often give students lists of local apartment complexes to assist them in their housing search. You may also be able to get advice from other international internship students who have worked, or are currently working, for your employer.

How will my work performance be evaluated?
The GRIP team will send your supervisor a Student Performance Evaluation Form to evaluate various aspects of your performance. Likewise, you will be sent a work report at the end of your internship to provide your perceptions of the international internship/co-op assignment.

Do I need to get approval from my department and/or advisors?
Undergraduates are not required to gain approval from their departments to participate in a global internship; however, we strongly encourage them to discuss their goals and plans with their Academic Advisors. Graduate students are required to have permission from their academic department to participate in a global internship. Master’s students must have this form filled out by their Academic Advisor and Graduate Coordinator.  For PhD students, we require this form to be completed by the Faculty Advisor and Graduate Coordinator.  Additionally, GRIP will ultimately consult with Graduate Studies for final approval on all PhD students.