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Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program (GIP) is an academic program in which students intern or co-op outside the United States, thus allowing them to develop their careers for the global job market. Internships are commonly found in all sectors (industry, research, government, and non-profit). The Global Internship Program is open to any full-time, degree-seeking, on-campus student at Georgia Tech, including both undergraduate and graduate students and both international and domestic students. Students can intern abroad 1-3 semesters during the fall, spring, and/or summer for up to one full year. GIP participants build a powerful resume and develop a network of professional contacts around the world.
This page is not used to find global internships, but rather to register internships that have already been secured. If you are in search of a global internship, please visit the Global Internship Program website to sign up for our newsletter, see past internship placements, read student testimonials, review current open positions, check out upcoming events, and sign up for an appointment with the Global Internship Advisor.

Students wishing to be registered as a full-time student while abroad should make sure that fall/spring semester internships are at least 35+ hours/week and last at least 14 weeks. Full-time summer internships must be at least 35+ hours/week and last at least 10 weeks. Part-time registration is also available and is more common during the summer semester. Students should speak directly with the Global Internship Advisor to learn more about the minimum requirements for part-time registration for each semester. No tuition is charged to students who register for the GIP course, but all students are required to be enrolled in CISI overseas insurance, which costs $125 for summer and $165 for spring/fall. 
GT does not permit students to participate in global internships in countries that currently hold a US Department of State Travel Warning. A full list of current travel warnings can be found here. If you would like more information about the appeal process to travel to one of these countries, contact the Global Internship Advisor.

If you are a GT international student who is registering a global internship with OIE, you should also contact International Student and Scholar Services to review your U.S. visa status before your departure.  

There are several benefits associated with registering your internship with the Global Internship Program:
  • Maintain GT enrollment and student status while overseas (many internships require that you prove your student status to process your hire and/or visa)
  • You must register your overseas internship with GT in order for it to count for your International Plan weeks abroad (if you’re participating)
  • Cancel on-campus housing contract with no penalty for term abroad
  • Access to comprehensive overseas insurance at a very low rate
  • Recognition of international internship on GT transcript (tuition-free audit course)
  • Earned income from a registered co-op or internship can be listed as an exclusion on the FAFSA
  • Access to an OIE advisor who can assist with visas, contracts, and other required documentation, pre-departure orientation, and other concerns while abroad