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Scholarships FAQs

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Study Abroad Scholarships.
  1. How do I apply for all OIE Scholarships?
    • Use the online application on Atlas. Students only need to submit one application per application cycle to be considered for all OIE Administered Scholarships that they are eligible for. Each scholarship description includes a list of "eligibility requirements & preferences" as a reference for those who want to know what makes a good candidate for these scholarships.
  2. Are there other scholarships on-campus?
    • Yes! Some of these scholarships can be found at:
    • Other scholarships may be available. We encourage students to check their major’s listserv emails and websites for any additional funding opportunities.
  3. Are there national scholarships available for study abroad?
    • Yes. Visit to find the scholarships that have worked best for Tech students. There are additional scholarships available, but students should read the eligibility requirements and the mission statements carefully to ensure that the award is a good fit. If there are questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to
  4. Can I reapply for scholarships, if I’m not selected for an OIE scholarship?
    • Yes. Students who are applying to study abroad in a summer semester have two chances to apply for funding—once by the October 15 deadline and if the student isn’t selected for an award, they can reapply by the February 15 deadline.
  5. Can I apply for OIE Scholarships, if I’ve already been selected for an OIE Scholarship?
    • Generally, the answer is no. The only exception is if a student is enrolled and actively participating in the International Plan. These students should complete the OIE Administered Scholarship application for their second term abroad to be considered for the IP Scholarship. If this scholarship has funding, the IP Manager will work to select students who have up-to-date paperwork for this award.
  6. If I’ve been selected for an OIE Scholarship, when will my funds be disbursed?
    • For scholarship students, funding is disbursed at the start of the semester that they will study abroad (when all GA Tech aid is disbursed). For instance, if a student is studying abroad in the Summer term, then funding would be disbursed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid according to the same disbursement calendar for regular courses at the Atlanta campus for the Summer term. There are NO exceptions to this. 
      • There are instances where a student could use their OIE Scholarship to defer study abroad payments—but this is at the discretion of their Program Director. In these cases, students could submit their OIE Administered Scholarship Award Letter together with a Promissory Note to defer program payments until their scholarship disburses. To start this process, a student should contact their Program Director. 
  7. If my study abroad plans change, can I transfer my scholarship to another term/semester?
    • This is sometimes possible and is handled on a case-by-case basis. If a student needs to switch their program or semester, they should contact: as soon as possible to discuss their situation. If a selected student is unable to study abroad during the semester that they were awarded, OIE will rescind their award and the student is encouraged to re-apply in a future term.